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The electric innovative wheelchair that will change the everyday live of people with disabilities !

« Because today a disabled person in a wheelchair does not choose where he wants to go but where he can go ! »

Phoenix is an innovative electric wheelchair concept that meets the many needs of people with disabilities:

  • To be able to move freely, independently to cross small urban obstacles such as steps, sidewalks, slopes and even stairs,
  • To be able to catch objects in height or simply to see the world from above,
  • To be able to improve one's health and one's self-esteem by being able to stand up,
  • Ability to move on uneven or sloping terrain without the risk of falling over with the wheelchair,
  • To be able to modify the position of one's seat at will so as to be able to improve one's comfort, even to be able to lie down to rest or to receive care,
  • Being able to be transported in a vehicle while staying on his chair.
  • To be able to sneak almost everywhere thanks to a wheelchair sufficiently compact and manageable.

Thanks to its innovative design and versatile functions Phoenix is the only wheelchair concept that can meet all these needs at the same time making it a unique chair.

That's why Phoenix is the innovative electric wheelchair that will change the lives of people with disabilities !

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